Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monsieur Bouc's Story

"It was a frosty Sunday morning in the Turkish hotel, Kamal's Palace, in Istanbul. Around 7 o'clock I dressed as usual. After the dressing I decided to go down to the hotellobby for some breakfast.
Even for a fine hotel like Kamal's Palace they didn't serve anything special, probably because of the grim winter so I just took some coffee and a bagel(!).
While sitting beside the window and eating my bagel(!) I noticed a well known face walked into the cafeteria. It was Miss Swanson, my old friend from my visits in England. The second I saw her saw must also have seen me 'cause she came directly to my table and sat down to eat her bagel(!) as well.
"Well hello there Monsieur Bouc! I was not expecting to se you here. How are you doing?" you asked me. "I'm fine, thank you. for asking. How are you doing yourself, my dear?" I nicely answered.
"Not bad, not bad at all. I just returned from a bit of relaxing in Antalya." you said.
"Oh, how nice :). Well I've being in Ankara for some railway business, as you might know I own the railway company of the Taurus Express. You know about the Taurus Express, which goes from Istanbul to Paris?" I wondered. "Yes, as a matter of fact I do. I was just going out to book a ticket on the Taurus Express." you said.  " Oh, lucky for you then 'cause the train is fully booked but of course as the owner I can fix you a ticket" I quite proudly said. "Thank you so much! Ohh I don't know how else I would have come home!" "Well then, see you tomorrow on the train. Have a nice day"  you said and started to walk to the entrance. "Have a nice you too" I said after you.
Later that day I went for a bit of a walk. Nothing special just for relaxing and on the way back to the hotel I decided to go downtown to the trainstation to check on the schedule and do some preparing for the trip tomorrow. There I met some of the conductors and just had a little chatt with them. After I once again was back in my room, as there was no reason to still be awake I decided to go to sleep. The next morning I went down to the cafeteria for a bit of breakfast. And also this morning like the last I aet a bagel(!). Then I went to the station, once again prepared some stuff and things, like Miss Swanson#s ticket and doublechecked with the conductors and the mechanics that everything was fine. As usual everything was fine.
So the train starts and we're on our way.  Around 00.12am we pass through Vincovi without a single problem on the whole journey. But then from out of nowhere this snowdrift pops up and we're stuck, without any electricity for the passengers  and no way of getting out of there.  Of course we sent after help but they could not come until the next morning. So I go to sleep because there's nothing for me to do. I hade just fallen asleep when the bell of Mr. Ratchett rings, even if I'm not a worker as the chief of the railway company I have access to the bell system. I ignore this but I don't go to sleep again. Instead I decide to go on a walk to see if everything is all right in the passenger compartments. The time is now around 01.15 am or maybe 01.20.
When entering the compartment I see someone come out of one of them and he's making his way towards the dining-car. I decide to follow him. Then I start to notice the smell of tobacco, you know that kind you stuff pipes with, that was exactly what I smelled.
For the sake of security smoking's not allowed on the train nighttime, so naturally I followed the man to ask him to stop the smoking. When I was just 10 meters I noticed that the man was wearing a conductor's uniform. I find this very strange but I draw back to my compartment 'cause there's something fishy going about with that man.
Then the day after I hear all this that happened all around me without me even noticing it." Mr. Bouc said to Miss Swanson.
"But who was it? Did you see the man's face?!" Miss Swanson said.
"No I didn't but with all the details and all the facts I now understand who it was..." Mr. Bouc said but was roughly interrupted by Luis Henry who walked in with a bowl of hot soup for Mr. Bouc who hadn't eaten all day. Mr. Bouc proceeded to take a quick taste of the soup before telling Miss Swanson about the murderer. "Well this person was not my first guess, but actually was.." Mr. Bouc said before instantly collapsing. "What happend!!!" Miss Swanson yelled. She sent after Dr. Constantine who confirmed what everyone was thinks but what nobody wished to say. "He's dead...It must have been a very powerful poison, at least he died a peaceful death..." he said.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mr Hector Mc Quenns story

It’s cold today, freezing for being Turkey. I’m waiting for my employer Mr Ratchett in the doorway. He’s about to get dressed on the upper floor. I her the thuds when he struggles with he’s clothing. After awhile he come’s down in a haze and at the door he put his shoes on and take his stick at the door. He yells a lot at me but most on his servant ho is a pathetic creature by the name of Mr Masterman who is absolutly not a master in any way. Apparently he did something wrong again. MR Ratchett is very strict and easy to anger and aggressiveness. But at least he’s not retarded. The road from the hotels backyard goes out to the main road were a new taxi car has been waiting for us a long time. The three of us jump in to the taxi and the driver is pissed. But i give him some extra coins for the waiting and to shut his mouth. The car makes a lot of noise but then it begins quiet down after a while. We go through Constantinople, and heading for the train station.

The train conductor blows a whistle as the train starts moving. I’m sitting in Mr Ratchetts compartment and read through some of his papers. The sun comes through the window and it becomes warm even though i’t has began to snow awhile ago. I thought it didn’t get this cold in Turkey, but apparently i was wrong. It’s very boring work but soon it will be dinner and i can finally stop working for a while. Mr Ratchett gave me a list with our fellow passengers awhile back and i know the names of everyone. Ratchett is very worried about everything and he can’t sleep in normal ways, but you can’t blame him because of the letters i’ve been giving him in secret. . A distant noise comes, and it’s time for dinner.

I get back from the dinner cart and i’m heading for Mr Ratchetts compartment once again to pick up some notes that i’ve have too work whit. I’m going through the hallway, which is empty cause most of the passengers are still in the middle of their dinner. I open the door whit my key that i got from mr Ratchett. The door swung open. And I go to the table with all the paperwork. I pick it up hand pick it up to go through it too pick up the most important and parts it looks like it’s a lot of work in a lot of dificult. I walk out from the room and i see the servant who walks for his apartment. I go for my room to work with the papers. and I hear the folks who are done with there meal. I smell a good smell of a mans perfume and a man comes out from a corner. I don’t recall his name but i recognise him as the englishman. Mr cononel arthur is his name if i recall right. He makes an elagante bow which I think looks very stupid. He begin to talk and he seems very smart so we agree to talk a bit. We got in a room with sofas and stuff and begin a very inntresting conversation about world poletics with some alcohol.

Mr Arthur walks out from the room and i i’ve hear the brake when the train stops.

To bee continued 

Monday, February 4, 2013


Hello, my name is Mr. Peter Smith and I am on a train on my way back to America to celebrate christmas with my relatives. I travel with wife and my mother in-law.When we were on the train someone was stabbed with a knife in the chest three times. And the murder is still on the train and that's kinda scary because maybe next time something will happened to me. I think the murder is Dr. Constantine for he seems to be a little foam.

Min synvinkel om vad som händer på tåget

Hello my name is Mr Marco Foscarelli, from scratch Im an Italian. But nowadays i live in U.S.A and works as an agent for Ford motor cars. I really like to talk about my job. Im a very happy person. Last winter, 1930 in December I were on a train trip from Istanbul to America. There was a murder on the first night at the train. The murdered man was called Mr Ratchett. He were getting stabbed three times. I think the murderer is the Dr Constantine. Because when Prinsess Nathalia Mirnoff woke up in the night of a scream from a man she walked out of her compartment to see whats going on. When she came out of her compartment she saw Dr Constantine walk out of Mr Ratchetts compartment. And Dr Constantine is still on the train... Thats very scary.  The detective have an interview with every one on the train to calculate who the murderer is.