Monday, February 4, 2013

Min synvinkel om vad som händer på tåget

Hello my name is Mr Marco Foscarelli, from scratch Im an Italian. But nowadays i live in U.S.A and works as an agent for Ford motor cars. I really like to talk about my job. Im a very happy person. Last winter, 1930 in December I were on a train trip from Istanbul to America. There was a murder on the first night at the train. The murdered man was called Mr Ratchett. He were getting stabbed three times. I think the murderer is the Dr Constantine. Because when Prinsess Nathalia Mirnoff woke up in the night of a scream from a man she walked out of her compartment to see whats going on. When she came out of her compartment she saw Dr Constantine walk out of Mr Ratchetts compartment. And Dr Constantine is still on the train... Thats very scary.  The detective have an interview with every one on the train to calculate who the murderer is.