Week 2
  • Presentation of the Taurus Express; plan, time, route, setting
  • The pupils get their identity cards and every student creates a Voki to present the character. The Voki is published on this blog, The Taurus Express (= homework week 2). Write the character's name as a tag.
  • All passengers gather in the dining-car (the classroom) and we see the Vokis and afterwards we sit down and get to know each other better.
Week 3
  • Someone is murdered. All the passengers and the personnel get their witness reports that they have to learn by heart and to act out. (= homework week 3).  Everyone will be interrogated by the detective, Miss Swanson. Record the interrogation and put it on this blog. Write the character's name as a tag.
Week 4
  • The detective, Miss Swanson, will report what she found out during her interrogations.
  • Everyone writes a text where they tell about the murder from their point of view, i e what they did, what they know, how they feel and who they suspect is the murderer. Publish the text on this blog, The Taurus Express and write the character's name as a tag (= homework week 4).
Week 5 and 6
  • Miss Swanson reveals some more interesting findings and then every character rounds up their story, i e they come up with their ending to this murder case (=homework week 6).
  • We see the film Murder on the Orient Express.